Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Welcome to EarthSong Network Share!

These are incredible times to be living in.  The more we learn from each other about communicating with the Earth herself, the better we can cooperate and co-create the New Earth with her and with each other.

I'm really interested in the stories people have to tell about the magical, powerful, heart opening experiences they have had out in nature or simple, quiet moments of insight just out in the back yard.  If you've had such an experience or moment or insight, I hope you will share it.  I'm new at this blogging business, so hopefully we'll figure it out as we go - how to best share experiences with each other.

I've uploaded Earth Shift Meditations - a series of videos now on YouTube that share my experiences listening to the Earth during the past 9 months while living in my little van near a beach on the South Island of New Zealand.  Last year's Earth's Gifts series is now available to the YouTube public as well.

I look forward to reading stories of your experiences!

May 2013 be an outrageously wonderful, magical, delightful and heart-felt year for us all!

Leslie Lightfall